By Kaitlin McCormick, MPH, Bivarus product owner

One of the reasons our patient-experience platform yields such high response rates is its easy-to-use electronic format. Our platform sends surveys to patients via email or text message (whichever they prefer) within hours of their encounters with healthcare organizations and providers. While it seems intuitive for younger generations to embrace this technology over paper-based surveys, a question we often hear from clients is, “Will our senior patients and/or their caretakers provide patient-experience feedback electronically?”

Many people believe that elderly patients don’t use technology and won’t engage with internet-based feedback methods. However, our research debunks this myth and demonstrates that older patients actually offer some of the highest response rates to our healthcare customers.

The table below shows overall response rates among all patients invited via email or text message to participate in surveys deployed from the Bivarus platform. The percentages indicate averages aggregated across all of our customers and represent hundreds of thousands of respondents.

Bivarus Response Rates by Age

Interestingly, patients aged 61 to 70 have the highest response rates of any age group, followed by patients aged 71 to 80.

This trend isn’t true for our data alone, other research suggests that more and more seniors across the United States use internet technologies. A nationally representative study conducted by the Pew Research Center found that 59 percent of seniors (defined as those aged 65 and older) were internet users, up six percentage points from the previous year. Additionally, most seniors who use the internet use it frequently: 71 percent of senior internet users go online every day or almost every day and 11 percent go online three to five times per week.

So, although many people assume that electronic feedback methods won’t be as effective with elderly patients, our data prove that it’s simply not true.


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