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Without Consultation, Patient Survey Statistics Are Only Numbers

The key to positive patient experience begins with a detailed understanding of what patients consider to be the most important factors in their health care journeys. Bivarus’ patient experience consulting team will help you identify and analyze patient response trends so you know exactly which areas matter most to your patients. We turn patient responses into actionable insights that improve these areas and make patients happier and more comfortable during their health care experiences.

Improving Patient Experience, From Top to Bottom

Our dedicated team of consultants work with each client to increase patient experience scores, focusing on facility-wide and individual department strategies to improve patient experience across the board.

We not only consult with top-level administrators, but also meet with individual department heads on an ongoing basis because it is crucial for every team member to understand the role individual improvement plays in enhancing the entire facility.

We Offer More Than Just CAHPS® Compliance

Being CAHPS® compliant is only the beginning of providing better care and services. Ongoing data collection paired with consultation is imperative in achieving optimal results.

Bivarus’ consulting services provide access to patient experience insights throughout the entire year. When you take advantage of our year-round consulting opportunities, your facility’s CAHPS® scores will show greater improvement the following year because you have been proactively identifying and resolving patient concerns as they arise rather than waiting until they escalate.

We Create Customized Surveys to Produce Actionable Insights

Other data collection companies only offer a standardized survey, but at Bivarus, we create highly customized surveys specific to your facility’s needs. With our patient experience survey platform, administrators have access to real-time survey data as it is entered into the system, allowing your team to review metrics anywhere, anytime. After a few months of data collection, trends emerge and our consultants will be there to explain what the data means and how it can be used to improve quality of care, and in turn, patient experience.

Take the first step in improving patient experience at your facility.