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Happier Providers = Happier Patients

Our medical staff surveys measure provider experience, satisfaction, and engagement. It has many similarities to our employee engagement surveys, but it is specifically tailored to physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and other senior-level medical staff. When health care providers are fully engaged and satisfied with their workplace environment, they can focus on what matters most: improving patient health. Our medical staff survey helps to assess physician needs, refine recruitment strategies, determine ways to improve staff satisfaction, and evaluate protocols for enhancing patient care.

We Take the Pulse of Your Providers

There are no two health organizations that operate identically, so Bivarus does not use standardized survey questions. Instead, our team creates unique surveys tailored to your medical staff. Physicians and other senior-level providers often find it difficult to express negativities directly to management, so Bivarus’ survey platform provides staff anonymity to encourage honest reflection on workplace areas that can use improvement. Honest responses from medical staff make it possible for facilities to implement proactive improvement strategies before key health care providers seek employment elsewhere, resulting in costly turnover that cuts into budgets, productivity, and patient experience.

Customized Consulting Services

Bivarus works directly with administrative leadership to pinpoint specific areas of weakness based on survey insights. Our consultants will work one-on-one with management to develop effective strategies to improve medical staff concerns. Like our surveys, our consulting experience is completely customized to fit your facility’s individual needs. Our consultants are ready to team with you to develop the unique strategies that work specifically for your facility.

Let’s talk about how you can better measure your medical staff engagement.