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If your organization is providing a new service or offering a new product, but you haven’t experienced an increase in demand or sales, you have likely have a problem with your brand awareness. Bivarus can help by determining your target audience’s awareness of your brand and its services. We measure market awareness by conducting comprehensive telephone surveys with residents in surrounding communities to gauge their perceptions of local organizations just like yours. 

Our market awareness surveys ask broad, free response questions like “Which hospital in the area do you think has the best nursing staff?” or “Which facility do you think has the best technology?” By asking open-ended questions, we are able to illuminate community preferences for health care and non-health care facilities.


Understanding Your Market & Competitors

At Bivarus, we have created a market awareness template survey that has proven to provide the answers most of our clients’ desire; however, we also offer completely customized surveys tailored to your specific audience and desired insights.

Market awareness surveys can be used to measure community awareness of your unique services and help people understand those services. Bivarus creates these surveys to determine which of your organization’s range of services you need to promote better, so they are more likely to visit your facility the next time they have a demand for a similar service.


Turn Data Insights into Strategies

Bivarus is here to help you gain a deeper understanding of community perspective, record insights, and analyze response trends that allow you to capitalize on what community members desire and expect from a particular industry. Unlike other survey vendors, Bivarus also offers in-person client consulting services to develop actionable strategies for your facility based on response data that predicts your market’s future needs.

When your organization teams with Bivarus, we will help you assess industry competition and evolve your facility’s customer experience to fit your target audience’s varying needs.

What is the market saying about you and your brand? We can find out.