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Gain a Better Understanding of Why Employees Are Leaving

Employee exit surveys are becoming a workplace standard because they are essential to understanding why an employee is choosing to leave a company. These surveys help human resource professionals determine if there are reoccurring internal issues causing high turnover. Bivarus’ exit surveys will illuminate any issues so you can resolve them quickly, leading to a decrease in costly turnover and an increase in employee engagement.


New Hire Insights Matter Too

In addition to fully understanding why employees are choosing to leave, it’s equally as imperative to know why new hires are choosing to stay. Stay surveys are implemented to measure new employee engagement and gain valuable insights regarding employee experience for team members who have been with the organization for less than one year. Typically, a new hire who is unhappy within the first six to twelve months of employment will begin to look for other opportunities, so organizations should proactively gauge job satisfaction. This survey essentially determines how likely they are to stay with the company.


We are Committed to Helping You Attract and Retain the Best Talent

Studies have shown a 95% correlation between employee engagement and patient experience. Satisfied employees will undoubtedly provide better service to their patients, which increases patient experience survey scores.

Bivarus doesn’t just collect data and dispense quarterly reports; our expert consulting team also analyzes the data and support you throughout the entire process. When you choose Bivarus’ platform for your company’s exit/stay surveys, you will receive one-on-one consulting regarding steps you can take to improve employee experience and increase employee retention. Our consultants are available to discuss score patterns, brainstorm strategies, and develop solutions to boost employee experience. Employees are the backbone of any facility or organization, and Bivarus is dedicated to helping you optimize their workplace experience in an evolving health care industry.

Interested in seeing what exit and stay surveys reveal about your employee engagement?