Enhance Employee Engagement

Create customized employee surveys to quickly pinpoint areas for improvement within your workplace.

Strong links exist between employee perceptions of their workplace and the patient satisfaction scores their organizations receive on CAHPS® surveys. Determine the health of your organization, identify specific areas for improvement, structure action plans for change, and see where you stand among similar organizations through our flexible approaches for gathering employee insights.


of healthcare employees are not fully engaged in their organizations.


of employees would like to receive more recognition and praise.


of employees do not feel they have the best possible leadership in their departments.


of employees feel they cannot fully express their thoughts and opinions in the workplace.

Collect feedback from your employees


We’ll work closely with you to design a survey process to meet your goals. Options include:

  • Baseline surveys: Organization-wide employee insights collected annually. All facilities and departments receive granular results, with comparisons to a robust healthcare database and previous survey periods.
  • Pulse surveys: Targeted surveys focused on specific issues, pressing needs or areas of research, such as the introduction of new policies, or evaluation of benefits use.
  • Precision surveys: Surveys pinpointed on key topics identified in baseline efforts. Results track improvement over time and trends over survey periods.
  • Patient safety surveys: Focused on employee views of safety in the workplace. Questions are derived from the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ) standard patient safety survey and results can be compared to a national database.
  • Medical staff surveys: Assess physician needs to refine recruitment strategies, determine ways to improve medical staff satisfaction, and critically evaluate protocols for enhancing patient care.
  • Nursing insight surveys: Designed specifically for nurses in your organization with questions approved by the American Nurses Association for use during the Magnet application process.

Compare data to benchmark your results


Our surveys yield detailed and actionable data about your organization and employee population. Specific workplace indices covered include:

  • Organizational health: Employee views on the total organization, its future direction, and leadership.
  • Work environment: Perceptions of the local work environments where employees perform their jobs.
  • Engagement: Assess employees’ overall engagement with your organization.
  • Department leadership: Views of department heads and supervisors within employees’ leadership teams.
  • Advocacy: Likeliness that employees recommend your organization for healthcare or employment.
  • Safe culture: Gauge employee perceptions of safety throughout the workplace, based on the national AHRQ patient safety survey.
  • Leadership culture: Assess the culture of organizational leadership by engaging those in leadership roles.
  • New employee: Measures aimed at employees who have been with the organization for less than a year.

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