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Want To Know How Your Employees Feel? Ask Them.

The first step to improving employee engagement is understanding why they are disengaged. This is where Bivarus can help. Unlike other survey vendors, we offer employee engagement consulting to help you understand what the data reveals about your workplace culture and assist you in creating and implementing strategies to increase employee engagement and, in turn, elevate patient experience scores.


Our Surveys Reveal Real Insights

To reduce turnover, we will work with you closely to determine the health of your organization, identify specific areas of improvement, and structure actionable plans for change to ensure your employees have a positive perception of their workplace. Because all facilities are different, we create unique, customized surveys that ask employees key questions about their particular workplace environment, individual department, leadership, and supervisor engagement.


Our Hands-On Consulting Approach Delivers Results

Once employees are surveyed, responses are measured and the data is analyzed by our experienced employee engagement consultants. Our experts come to your facility to present the survey findings to executive management and meet individual department heads to explain areas of excellence and weakness based on your employee insights. We will work with you on an ongoing basis to develop strategies that improve areas contributing to waning employee engagement.

We focus on discovering employee response trends that illuminate key areas of improvement, so you know exactly what is and isn’t working for your employee engagement. Then, our unique consulting services offer a completely customizable experience to fit each client’s individual needs, meaning you’ll walk away from each meeting with specific insights and implementation strategies, quantifying a higher return on investment for your facility.

Ready to talk about employee engagement consulting?