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Customized Surveys to Measure Your Customer Experience

Bivarus provides overarching customer experience surveys for clients in all industries, not just health care. In the past, we have partnered with city governments, universities, banks and many more organizations to measure past and current customer experiences with existing and new services. Our experts can create and administer highly customized surveys for your organization, helping you gain a better understanding of how your customers perceive their experiences with your company.

Gain Insights From Customers Like Never Before

Our surveys are completely customizable and flexible to your exact survey needs. By teaming with Bivarus, clients notice a 30-60% increase in survey responses, giving each organization a more thorough understanding of their customer opinion. These highly targeted surveys help determine which of your services customers find effective and where improvements can be made.

The Bivarus Difference

In addition to shorter, more customized surveys, Bivarus’ platform provides real-time access to survey responses. No one wants to wait weeks or months for customer feedback. With Bivarus, customer experience insights are available within hours in our easy-to-read dashboard, allowing you to swiftly analyze trends and enact strategies for immediate improvement. With our platform, you can quickly identify lags in customer service and our consultants will work with you to develop key strategies to spark long-term positive change.

Taking Steps Toward Improvement

Bivarus knows data collection alone will not automatically lead to improvements in customer experience; it is only the first step toward positive change. After only a few weeks of data collection, trends will emerge. Our dedicated consulting team will not only identify these trends, but also work with clients to develop and implement strategies to make customer experiences as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

How do your customers feel about working with you? We’ll find out for you.