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The best way to improve patient experience is to have certainty about the specific issues affecting them. We deliver precise, data-driven, patient experience solutions and insights from across your healthcare organization that can be put to work immediately.

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Improve Your Patient Experience

Whether you want to boost patient referral rates, improve specific services, reduce patient churn, increase CAHPS scores, or all of the above, we believe the first step is to give your patients a clear voice. We’ll work with you to create questions that are relevant to your patients and organization, surveys that deploy quickly and are easy for patients to complete, and intuitive analytics that provide the most actionable data possible.

Bivarus - Improve Patient Experience

Bivarus - Improve Employee Engagement

Enhance Your Employee Engagement

Healthcare employees and medical staff who are engaged in their roles with your organization are more likely to provide great experiences to your patients. We’ll collaborate with you to design customized surveys that deliver granular data you can use to quickly identify areas for improvement.

Patient Experience for QCDR for MIPS

Bivarus is approved by CMS to participate in the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) for 2017 as a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR). Find out how our powerful Structured Assessment of the Patient Experience (SAPE) QCDR platform makes it easy for practices to meet MIPS requirements and offers significant advantages over other reporting mechanisms.

Bivarus is a true partnership

Bivarus - Understand your Community's Perspective

Understand Your Community’s Perception

Finding opportunities to align your organization’s goals with the needs and vision of your community is critical for providing the best patient experience possible. Gathering the perspectives of community members will allow you to more effectively communicate the value of your organization.