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“I’ve been very impressed with planning the customized survey instrument, the effective survey process, feedback of useful survey results and effective post-survey training of the leadership team to create true culture change in the organization.”

– Alan Kent, President & Chief Executive Officer at Meadows Regional Medical Center

“Every patient encounter becomes an opportunity to learn and begin actionable change. We are seeing email response rates approaching 50% since beginning to work with Bivarus.”

– Joel Schneider, MD, FACC, Physician at North Carolina Heart & Vascular, UNC Healthcare

“Keeping current patients happy and providing high levels of service is more important than ever. The tools and support provided by Bivarus allow us to truly measure factors that affect whether patients will recommend us to their friends and family.”

– Chris Oubre, Chief Operations Officer for Covenant Surgical Partners

“In only two weeks of testing in the ED with Bivarus, we’ve collected more actionable data than we typically get in six months.” 

– Shane Rogers, Director of Patient Relations at UNC Healthcare


“Since our partnership with Bivarus in 2014, we have seen significant improvements in the areas of organizational pride, customer service, and leadership. Bivarus consulted with the entire leadership team to ensure we had the tools to understand and communicate, but most importantly, use the data to drive positive change at the department and organizational levels. Through their help, we have been able to enhance employee engagement which has increased our productivity and performance. It has also impacted the quality of care we provide and our bottom line.” 

-Althea W. Jackson, Director of Human Resources at  Liberty Regional Medical Center 

“This powerful and novel approach to assessing patient satisfaction is a game changer. It will fundamentally change how we manage the service experience for our patients.”

– Charles Cairns, MD, Chairman at UNC Healthcare’s Department of Emergency Medicine

“Since our first year working with your team, we’ve shared the data we get back with staff. Every department uses its data to celebrate the things that are being done well and create work plans around the things that aren’t…we set strategic initiatives for the organization based on employee feedback and the next year our employee engagement score jumped almost 40 percent. Other scores jumped up as well, but engagement was really important to us and scores have continued to rise every year since. We’re up to 91 percent of employees feeling engaged with our organization.”

– Dan Rohrbach, Chief Executive Officer at Southwest Health


“Bivarus has provided our customer service survey systems for 8 years and has also supported our organizational wide employee surveys. Every company is defined by its professionals and consultants. Bivarus staff have provided exceptional insight of our patients and staff through their innovative analysis, survey formats and technology. I routinely ask for unique reports correlation studies. These are developed and provided in an efficient and timely manner. We have used Bivarus consultants to provide Management Team training on employee engagement and this have been very successful. You have to understand the expectations of customers and staff if you are going to exceed them. Bivarus allows you to do just that.”

–William Mahone, President and CEO Halifax Regional Medical Center

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