The Bivarus Patient Experience and Satisfaction Platform

Response fatigue is a significant barrier to high patient engagement. No one likes to respond to 100 items, so we created a patient experience and satisfaction platform to eliminate that burden.

Rather than asking a few patients dozens of questions, our approach delivers select, targeted survey measures to every patient. That simple sophistication drives high response rates and meaningful insights. As patients complete surveys, data is immediately available in our secure analytics platform allowing you to easily spot trends in operational metrics, track service interventions, and visualize and compare provider performances.

Our platform is cloud-based and turnkey
There is no software to install – just build your bank of survey measures, establish a data feed through our HIPAA-compliant integration with your EHR system, and start surveying patients.

Customized Questions

Bivarus - Targetable Patient Survey QuestionsCustomers typically capture compelling, actionable insights on 50-100 survey measures, but individual patients answer no more than 10 questions each.

Bivarus - Data Measurement Made EasyQuestions are customized to your organization, allowing data to be specific and relevant to your clinical offerings, locations, and other service attributes.

Bivarus - Making Surveys Easy for PatientsOur surveys use a clear and conversational tone with easy-to-follow prompts, increasing the likelihood your patients will participate in your survey.

 Dynamic Sampling

  • Patient encounter data is received through a secure, HIPAA-compliant integration with your EHR system and surveys are automatically deployed within hours of an encounter.
  • Using our patented algorithm, survey measures are dynamically generated for each patient based on their demographics, attributes of their service encounters, the relative importance given to measures by your organization, and the reliability of prior responses.
  • Measures important to your organization are asked more frequently, responses are aggregated across your entire patient population, and question occurrence is adjusted as more responses are collected. This guarantees that mean response rates for each measure are not due to chance.
  • Because we engage all your patients, our approach reaches traditionally underserved populations, including non-native English speakers and underinsured patients, making results more representative of entire patient populations.

Comment Management

  • Patients are invited to provide open-text comments which you can easily track, respond to directly via email, or assign to staff for follow up and resolution.
  • Simple visualizations present dominant positive and negative sentiments among all patient comments.

CQI & Intervention Tracking

  • Dashboards allow you to easily visualize trends in patient responses over time and provide clarity on progress and improvement across categories and questions.
  • Our platform’s intervention tracking tool allows you to monitor how improvement initiatives and investments are impacting your patients.

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