Improve Patient Experience

Bivarus was founded by two doctors who wanted to provide clinicians and healthcare leaders with patient experience surveys that deliver relevant, statistically precise and actionable data.

Bivarus - Improving Patient Experience

An Overview

By leveraging an efficient survey method to capture patient insights, Bivarus helps you identify service issues at their root cause and supports data-driven improvements that positively impact the experiences of patients. Easy-to-understand analytics also reveal trends in patient satisfaction and inform your continuous quality improvement efforts in real time, rather than in hindsight.

Better Patient Insights

With our approach, patient participation is significantly higher. Our customers garner patient response rates of 30% - 60%.

Faster Reporting

No one likes to wait. With Bivarus, insights are available within hours instead of weeks or months.

Relevant Measures

Customize survey measures for specific locations and service lines for detailed patient insights on all practice areas.

No Patient Burden

Gather statistically reliable data on hundreds of survey measures while asking each patient no more than 10 questions.

The Rounding Pad

A simple and effective tool for service recovery.

Real-time Patient Insights

Collect more actionable insights in less time.

CAHPS® Surveys

Bivarus is approved by CMS to administer & report CAHPS surveys.

This powerful and novel approach to assessing patient satisfaction is a game changer. It will fundamentally change how we manage the service experience for our patients.”

– Charles Cairns, MD Chairman for UNC Healthcare's Department of Emergency Medicine

Real-time Patient Insights

Our approach will take work off of your plate and equip with you with the relevant insights you need to quickly make decisions that positively impact the experiences of your patients. More effective survey methodology combined with real-time data tracking allow you to reduce patient churn by identifying issues that lead to poor service, increase referrals by strengthening patient perceptions of your organization and caregivers, and support improved health outcomes.

  • Our team will work with yours to create a customized bank of survey measures to capture data specific to the services and experiences your organization provides.
  • A direct, HIPAA-compliant data feed between your organization’s electronic health records system and our survey and analytics platform creates a seamless and automated process for deploying surveys to patients following their encounters with your organization and care team.
  • Patients are invited via email and text to respond to targeted, 10-question surveys that are dynamically generated for each patient based on their demographics, attributes of the services they received, the relative importance of particular survey measures to your organization and all prior responses.
  • Because surveys are targeted and brief, patient response rates are three to five times higher than traditional approaches.
  • Patient insights and analytics are immediately available through easy-to-read dashboards in our secure platform. Patient insights available within the platform also include open-text comments which can be tracked, responded to or assigned to team members for follow up and resolution.
  • Our platform is the most powerful tool available for measuring continuous quality improvement. Quality improvement initiatives can be easily recorded and tracked in real time, allowing you to continuously monitor the effectiveness of specific initiatives on your patients’ experiences, adjust interventions as needed and evaluate success based on internal goals.
  • Our survey platform is also a CMS-approved Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) and satisfies requirements for the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) within the new Quality Payment Program (QPP) of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA).

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