Our Community Perception Research Is Your Catalyst For Action

Your local healthcare landscape is dynamic and ever-evolving. Competition for engaged patients, medical staff, and employees is more intense than ever; understanding key community perceptions are critical to high performance and a healthy organization.

Bivarus - Community Healthcare Perspective

We have earned our reputation as an thoughtful and responsive partner with a proven track record of creating value for healthcare organizations and the communities they serve. Multiple survey modes can be adapted to design an approach that effectively and efficiently addresses your organization’s priorities and delivers insights you can use.

I’ve been very impressed with planning the customized survey instrument, the effective survey process, feedback of useful survey results and effective post-survey training of the leadership team to create true culture change in the organization.”

– Alan Kent, President & Chief Executive Officer at Meadows Regional Medical Center

Services Delivered

We’ll help you obtain accurate and reliable community insights that support and inform your organization’s strategic decisions, with the following services:

  • Community-wide sampling of households within your organization’s market area
  • Primary community research using our survey software platform, in-house call center, and focus groups
  • Receive comprehensive reports of findings with detailed breakdowns of target demographics and response trends, as well as consultative analysis of results
  • Develop actionable strategies to differentiate your organization as trusted and credible partner in improving the health of your communities

Listen To Your Community's Voice

Healthcare is local, and your community’s service needs are ever-changing. It’s time to engage in community perception analysis when:

  • Defining how your organization is perceived by key constituents
  • Identifying factors influencing buying decisions and opportunities to unlock value
  • Verifying preferences for healthcare services and capturing views on quality care and other key metrics
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of your community outreach efforts and communication channels
  • Gaining clarity on market awareness of new services is essential
  • Understanding the reasons for decline in specific services or assess need for new programs or services being considered
  • Successfully target audiences your organization is well positioned to serve

Catalyst for Community Insights

There are many reasons to conduct perception research, here are just a few:

  • Preparing for an board meetings, community benefit reports, JACHO audits
  • Undergoing changes in strategy or corporate structure
  • On-boarding new leadership
  • Experiencing underperformance
  • Executing a new or ongoing strategic plan
  • Developing a best-in-class community outreach and services of excellence programs focused on continuous improvement