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Predicting Patient Experience

Richard Staelin, PhD, Bivarus Medical and Scientific Advisory Board member

The value of patient experience data goes well beyond public reporting. Many healthcare professionals look to their patient experience data for clarity on how to improve service delivery and quality of care. As well they should, since the quality of healthcare depends in part on the exchange of information between patients and their healthcare providers. Patient feedback is a rich source of data for identifying points of satisfaction and areas for improvement.

While there is a tendency to approach patient feedback as a record of what went well or what went wrong, there is much more that can be done with the insights provided by patients. Captured data can be used to anticipate the experiences of future patients so that healthcare professionals are equipped with information they need to manage and exceed patient expectations and actively reduce service failures.

What are the service factors and interactions that best predict when patients are delighted with the quality of service provided versus those that result in service failures from the perspectives of patients? We were interested in answering these questions. We also wanted to determine whether factors affecting patient satisfaction and dissatisfaction are consistent across service lines.

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