The Data Speaks: How to Hire, Support, and Retain Engaged Employees

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Strong links exist between employee perceptions of their workplace and the patient satisfaction scores their organizations receive on CAHPS® surveys. Employees who are not engaged can be a determining factor on the overall health of any organization. Hiring the right people and having a strong employee culture is needed to retain engaged employees.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • Characteristics of engaged and unengaged employees
  • Tips for selecting candidates based on engagement-related work samples
  • Behavior-based interview techniques and sample interview questions
  • Strategies for retaining valuable employees
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About the Speaker: Connie Saunders, M.A.

Connie Saunders has been the Senior Consultant for our employee engagement services at Bivarus since 2003. As our employee consultant, she assesses employee engagement survey data and recommends changes to strengthen the organization and build a more engaged team. She consults directly with executives, managers, and other employees to build stronger leaders in healthcare.

Connie has a Bachelor of Science from Wake Forest University and a Masters of Arts from Central Michigan University. Her background and experience in employee relations, management coaching, physicians relations, and team building are highlighted by the achievement of her clients.

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