CEP America: Shifting to an Actionable Patient Experience Solution

CEP America is one of the leading providers of acute care management and staffing solutions in the nation. Founded in 1975, they now serve more than 6.3 million patients annually with over 250 practices throughout the United States. As providers, they deliver timely, high quality, and compassionate care. As an organization, they have developed innovations and best practices that ensure optimal throughput and productivity, resulting in more e icient, cost-e ective, and coordinated care.

Bivarus recently talked with Nic Curry, an Associate Program Manager and implementer of the Bivarus platform at CEP’s practice locations, to learn more about their transition to Bivarus as their preferred patient experience vendor.

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“The ability to achieve results that empower our hospital is why we chose Bivarus as our patient experience survey vendor. Bivarus has equipped our providers with the information they need to create initiatives for better patient care and to deliver the quality our patients deserve.”

-Nic Curry
Associate Program Manager

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