Hamilton Health Care System: Linking Employee Engagement to the Patient Experience

Hamilton Health Care System first partnered with Bivarus (formerly known as The Jackson Group) in 2001 in order to receive employee feedback from their individual departments throughout the year. Pleased with the results, Hamilton has continued working with Bivarus to improve their employee engagement for the last 17 years and has most recently conducted a comprehensive employee engagement survey in 2017. Hamilton believes quality patient care and patient satisfaction start with engaged employees who take pride in their work and feel valued for their contributions. Working with Bivarus has allowed Hamilton to receive insights into their patients’ satisfaction and see how the employee surveying and actionable survey results have had an impact on their care outcomes.

Jeff Myers, the President and CEO of Hamilton Health Care System for the past 8 years and Jason Hopkins, the Director of Human Resources for the past 13 years, have worked with Bivarus to improve their organization and better Hamilton’s patient care. A desire for operational improvement and a dedication to their community is what drives the executive team to continuously seek opportunities to improve their offerings to their employees and patients.

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“By surveying our associates each year, the survey process helps us to continually focus on associate recognition, communication, and developing leadership. The survey data, departmentally and organizationally, provides insights so we can drill down on the data. This inspires good dialogue with staff.”

-Jason Hopkins
Director of Human Resources

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