A Chain Reaction: The Link Between Employee

Engagement & Patient Experience

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The extent to which your employees are engaged in your organization has a significant impact on the quality of their care delivery to patients. If employees do not feel engaged in their organization, they are less likely to provide quality care and meet the expectations of their patients.

Engagement surveys ensure you are aware of your employees sentiments towards your organization. Through surveying, you can create action plans for change that better the employee and patient experience.

In this webcast, we will cover:

  • The four key drivers of employee engagement
  • The relationship between engaged employees and patient experience
  • The Bivarus Approach to engaging employees
  • The keys to improving engagement
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About the Speaker: Alan Jackson

As Chief Customer Officer of Bivarus, Alan is responsible for the management of patient experience and employee engagement survey customer relationships.  Alan consults with healthcare organizations on understanding both their employee engagement results and patient satisfaction outcomes, and currently oversees the Customer Success Team that handles all customer survey projects.


Alan majored in Business Administration at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and was the former President/CEO of The Jackson Group, a healthcare consulting firm, for close to twenty years before it was acquired by Bivarus.  Alan specializes in survey development, data analysis, and presentations on understanding and using survey results for improvement efforts.
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