Liberty ARC: Sustaining a Culture of Engagement

In 2010, Liberty ARC’s chief executive officer reached out for Bivarus’ help with analyzing years’ worth of employee survey data that was difficult to understand and manage despite having used a vendor to compile the data. “Since initiating our partnership, the Liberty ARC leadership team has consistently conducted employee engagement surveys to comprehensively measure, support and enhance their workplace culture.

In reviewing employee survey data, several key themes emerged as opportunities for comparison and further enhancement: employee feedback, recognition, involvement and communication. The survey reports provided by Bivarus highlight trends across previous survey periods and also compare the data to the Bivarus national database. The healthcare database is inclusive of more than 150,000 healthcare employee views on key factors of the work environment that drive engagement.

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“Working with Bivarus allows us to drive positive change by using data to identify where we can have impact each year.”

–Jennifer Saunders
Chief Executive Officer at Liberty ARC

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