Trevor Collins, Bivarus’ Sales Account Executive available at booth #46

As the healthcare field becomes increasingly more transparent and consumer-focused, it is important to have continuous best practice improvements in your human resource department to ensure your employees feel valued and are giving their patients the best possible experience. This week, the VaSHHRA, SCHHRA, and NCHHRA will be hosting their third annual Tri-State Healthcare Human Resources Conference at the Marriot Myrtle Beach Resort & Spa from Wednesday, August 30th, through Friday, September 1st, to discuss how to address changes in HR and steps to improve your HR department.

The event speakers will cover topics like how to be ready for policy change, how to use data analytics to improve your HR department, and how the Trump Administration is effecting labor and employment. For a full schedule of events and to learn more about the conference, click here.

Trevor Collins from Bivarus will be at booth #46 to talk with you about the importance of engaged employees and how regular employee surveying can provide you with the insights you need to improve your employees’ experience and, in turn, the experience of your patients.

Bivarus offers a variety of services to improve your health care system, starting with engaged employees. We offer regular employee surveying to assist you in discovering the needs and concerns of your employees. We also offer surveys specific to medical staff and surveys specific to entrance and exit of your employees. All surveys result in actionable insights you can use to improve your offering. We even have consulting services that go one step further, breaking down your survey results more and assisting you in making positive changes.

Our other services include patient experience surveying and consulting and CAHPS® Survey administration and reporting.

To talk more about how Bivarus can have an impact on your health care system starting with your employees, request a demo or stop by booth #46 at the Tri-State Conference this week. We hope to see you there!

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