The Bivarus Approach

Our Customer Management Approach

To ensure your success, Bivarus has developed a model to better serve you.  We are committed to providing our customers with exemplary service, as we strive to be a true partner. Service is how customers are won and lost, and we are confident that our commitment to serve your specific goals and needs will yield a successful program for your organization.

To that end, our customer team is organized around two main functions: 1) customer success management, and 2) customer operations.

Each customer is assigned a customer success manager, under the direction of the chief customer officer, to manage the relationship – from planning through support. Unlike other vendors, the assigned customer success manager will stay with the engagement throughout the life of our relationship. The customer success manager is the day-to-day contact for all team members. Should this person leave Bivarus prior to completion of the engagement the chief customer officer will assign a new customer success manager and facilitate an appropriate introduction and transition into the engagement.

The customer operations team provides direct support to the customer success manager in fulfilling all customer deliverables. This team acts as a shared resource and includes support for data feed configuration, survey development, custom report building, call center, mail house, and data management. Bivarus processes are well defined and supported by the entire customer team.  Sharing these responsibilities enables parallel processing of discrete functions and cross-coverage, and mitigates the risk associated with new customer on-boarding and engagement management.

Bivarus’ rapid new customer onboarding process ensures most deployments are up and running in less than 30 days, and since our software is delivered as a service, we augment your staff by driving and coordinating the onboarding process, which includes the following activities:

New Customer OnboardingEffort



1. Create account and conduct kickoff call1-2 Hours

2. Create export file(s)2 Days*

3. Establish data feed and testing5-15 Days*

4. Review and approve survey question bank5-15 Days

5. Platform set-up1-5 Days

6. Survey testing3-5 Days

7. Conduct user training and accounts1-5 Hrs.

8. Launch

*Since health organizations vary in terms of IT systems capabilities and interoperability, the exact time required for integration will depend on the scope of the engagement, your EHR system, and your clinical workflow.

With over forty years of experience working with the healthcare industry, we developed and maintain a robust, current library of best practices that is shared with our clients in a number of ways:

  • Unlimited telephone and email access to your assigned Customer Success Manager allows you to contact and discuss any issue. Your Customer Success Manager will provide guidance and share best practices for that specific issue.
  • Best practices are frequently the subject of published white papers and complimentary webinars available to our customers
Our Technology Approach

Bivarus is uniquely positioned to provide the ideal solution for healthcare organizations of all sizes, as we’re able to deliver a variety of data collection modalities (mail, phone, and digital) in gathering patient and caregiver insights, while providing a single unified data hub for reporting and analytics.

Bivarus’ real-time platform is the “first and only” software service to capture targeted and actionable patient-generated insights; driving response rates up and costs down when compared to traditional approaches.

With its unique approach, Bivarus is solving the biggest challenges in the patient experience measurement space, by:

  • Reducing reporting latency from weeks to minutes, providing real-time insights
  • Improving relevancy by enabling customized measures across the organization
  • Eliminating patient burden to deliver higher response rates and more reliable data

Our approach uses a patented sampling algorithm that dynamically generates a short set of highly relevant, targeted measures for each patient. And, while organizations can collect significant amounts of data on dozens of measures, patients are ONLY asked 10 questions, which dramatically increase response rates.

In order to deliver the most appropriate set of 10 measures to a patient, our software takes into account the relative importance given to each measure, patient and service attributes, and the reliability of prior observations. This unique methodology guarantees that the obtained mean response is not due to chance and is highly relevant to each patient and the service encounter.

Immediately following an event (scheduling, registration, encounter, visit, surgery, discharge, etc.), patients are invited via email and text to provide information about their interactions with particular organizations and care teams. Patients receive a unique link to a HIPAA-compliant set of measures specific to their unique encounter.

Responses are aggregated across the entire patient population and immediately available to customers through our secure platform, providing a very rich dataset from which customers extract compelling, actionable insights. Easy-to-understand analytics, internal benchmarks, and peer-group comparisons make it intuitive to spot trends in operational measurements as well as monitor the effectiveness of ongoing service interventions.

Unlike traditional patient-experience measurement tools, our approach allows patients to provide detailed feedback that is highly relevant and not overly burdensome.  Additionally, we enable the collection of open-text comments, which can be particularly insightful and helpful for intervention planning. Our approach also reaches traditionally underserved populations, including non-native English speakers and underinsured patients, making results more representative of entire patient populations.

Overall, our approach improves the patient experience, enhances employee engagement, helps patients feel that they have an integral role in their healthcare and improves transparency for all involved.


Our Solutions

Bivarus provides healthcare leaders with comprehensive, cost-effective, and technology-enabled solutions to capture and deliver actionable insights for improving the patient experience and employee engagement. Our software and service offerings are delivered as follows:

INSIGHTS (Measurement/Analytics Software and Services)

  • Real-Time Patient-Centered Analytics
  • Employee, Nursing, and Physician Engagement Analytics
  • CAHPS® Program
  • Community Perception Studies

ACTIONS (Consulting Services)

  • Service Excellence Consulting
  • Organizational Effectiveness and Workplace Culture Consulting
  • Staff & Physician Engagement Consulting

Organizations such as UNC Health Care, Sentara Health, Aspirus System, Pro-Health Physicians, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Texas Oncology, IVF New England and many more, rely on Bivarus’ real-time analytics platform to gain meaningful insights into the unique drivers impacting the patient experience and employee engagement.

Supported by a cloud-based analytics platform that captures and delivers patient insights in real-time, we enable healthcare leaders in moving the conversation from how to collect data to how to respond to that data. Healthcare organizations rely on us for:

  • Actionable patient insights that can be operationalized to improve service
  • Improve service delivery by monitoring CQI in real-time
  • Reduce patient churn by addressing issues that create poor service
  • Increase patient referrals by enhancing organizational and provider reputation
Our Company

Bivarus has pioneered a new science for measuring the patient experience that was born from our frustration in acquiring statistically precise, actionable data. Traditional approaches were burdensome to patients, plagued by low response rates, and frankly, not timely or actionable.

We began discussing how we could improve the situation. What if surveys provided statistically reliable, actionable data to improve the clinical performance of our practice? Could we get input regarding many questions, but lower the response burden for each individual patient? Could we obtain data in real time for immediate action – versus waiting months? Could we develop a way to generate high-quality data – that ends arguments over reliability?

While our customers were thrilled to have real-time actionable patient insights, they also wanted to comply with and participate in the CAHPS® program. Additionally, our customers and we knew that service excellence could only truly be achieved through a deep understanding of the drivers impacting the patient experience, which includes insights into employee engagement; and the inter-connectedness between them.

To that end, In March 2016, Bivarus acquired and merged with The Jackson Group.  Founded in 1976, The Jackson Group is one of the nations leading healthcare-focused patient and employee experience measurement and consulting services firm; and one of only 38 CMS-approved vendors in the United States to participate in the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS®) program.

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